Food Safety Management 

The success of a company in the food or feed sector cannot be separated from the total and complete healthiness of its products.


Our consultants, in collaboration with accredited laboratories, will be able to support your company in the management of food safety according to the provisions of European Regulations.


We prepare self-control systems and the "Hygienic Sanitary Self-Control Manuals" and "HACCP Plans" as required by current regulations, providing companies with minimalist but effective systems capable of guaranteeing the achievement of objectives without burdening the processes and slowing down productivity.

Food Safety Management Systems

We take care of the implementation and maintenance of Food Safety Management Systems according to standards


  • UNI 10854 (HACCP)
  • ISO 22000
  • BRC / IFS

To allow you security, serenity and access to every market.

Food handlers' training

We organize company training courses in line with Italian regional regulations, internal training courses also online on our dedicated portal and "Safer Food Handler" training courses valid for working in the UK.