H&S Management

We have decades of experience in the implementation and management of Prevention and Protection Services and Health and Safety Management in leading multinational companies, offering advice both in every region of Italy and in EU and non-EU countries.


Our consultants are able to support the Italian branches of foreign groups both in compliance with local regulations and in alignment with Corporate Policies.


We have designed and developed proprietary software solutions designed to manage every aspect of Health and Safety in structured realities, which are made available free of charge to our customers.


Thanks to our international partnerships we are able to assist Clients in every part of the Earth.

External RSPP service


Our consultants take on the role of  Prevention and Protection Service Manager (Safety engineer according to Italian laws)  in companies of any size and in any sector.


We implement simple, effective and useful SPPs to protect Workers and the company, integrating them where necessary into existing Management Systems.

Risk Assessment

We are specialists in the "Risk Assessment" process as understood by the ISO 31000 series:


  • Context analysis
  • Identification of Risks
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Planning of the necessary actions

choosing methods and techniques according to the  organization and the objectives entrusted to us.

Documenti di Valutazione dei Rischi

Drafting of Risk Assessment Documents pursuant to Articles 17, 28 and 29 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments, including:


  • Physical risks (noise, vibrations, ROA)
  • Chemical, biological and carcinogenic risks (Movarisch and instrumental measurements)
  • Asbestos and radon
  • Manual Handling of Loads (NIOSH, OCRA, MAPO, Snook & Ciriello)
  • ATEX
  • Fire risk
  • Work Related Stress
  • Ergonomics of the workplace

Behaviour Based Safety

 Awareness of one's actions and behavior in relation to one's own safety and that of others is the key element of every attempt at Safety Management.


Each of our activities is strictly connected to interventions on the behavior of workers, where necessary involving psychologists and experts in mediation and communication.


Thanks to numerous accreditations and agreements with Joint Bodies and Bilateral Bodies, and a large number of teachers, Dexma Group is able to provide any type of compulsory training in the field of Health and Safety in the Workplace.