Let's break the mold

Changed context, new opportunities

On line training is not new; up to 2019 the main theme of the debate was "better in the classroom" or "better on line", a diatribe in which, in addition to the core of the question (the "quality" of training), there were important factors such as the low computer literacy of many workers, '' accessibility to IT tools, the legal validity of the certificates.


With the pandemic, the context has suddenly changed: the inability to deliver courses in the classroom or severe limitations, ban on meetings and gatherings, smart working and teleworking have forced a leap forward in the digitization of users, in the capacity of connections, in the usability of platforms online and, last but not least, they have changed citizens' approach to the digital tool.


It will certainly be possible (we are sure) to return to classroom training, and we will be happy to do so. But it would be a shame not to examine, and where appropriate to seize, the new opportunities.

Let's forget traditional training for a moment

The tools for online training allow you to completely rethink the structure, contents and methods of providing training (compulsory or not), creating unique, new and very low-cost opportunities, important elements especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the tools. of multinationals;




  • Usable at any time from smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Ability to stop and resume the course at any time and point of the path to resume exactly where you left off
  •  Total traceability of online activities including access and use times, documents read, answers given.
  • No need for classroom organization or absentee recovery
  • Possibility of integrating the asynchronous activities (the online course) with the synchronous one (webinars and direct) with traditional training (for example to complete with practical or training parts

Our on line training

We believe that the above is not enough and that the personalization of content is fundamental and a very important added value: for this reason we have been training thousands of workers throughout Italy for years, creating customized courses for each company.




Finished? No, just getting started

Corporate assets

The personalized course remains online, on our portal that can be used by each of your new hires at the cost of a single account. The initial expense therefore creates a company assets that last over time.

Refresher courses? In 5 minutes (at a time)

Most security courses have 6-hour refresher courses every 5 years. That is 1 h per year. 5 minutes a month. We already have (or can create for you) micro and mini courses on specific topics (the ladder, xxx). We will take care of sending reminders to workers. Maximized learning, minimal cost and organizational effort.

Verification of learning

With the same mechanism as the previous point it is possible to propose questions (from simple true / false to complex exercises) to any worker, at any time. Repeating questions and tests on topics already covered strengthens learning. Time? Less than 10 seconds if associated with any other online activity. Just the extra login time if done as a single activity.

Consultation of workers

… But what if the content of the question were, instead of a quiz, a request for information, opinions or preferences? The same mechanism used for the quizzes allows you to quickly carry out surveys, consultations and votes (not covered by anonymity however) that you will receive in convenient excel.

The disappearance of passive information

This is an important point. The delivery of information, communications, notices, policies, procedures, operating instructions is a constant in all companies. This usually takes place through the delivery of a paper (with signature for receipt) or through an email (at best a PEC); there is certainty of reception, but not of reading and even less of understanding. The FAD tools extinguish passive information: send us any document: within half an hour it will be available to all workers on the online portal, accompanied by some very simple questions on understanding the contents; you will get:

  • Widespread distribution
  • Reading certification
  • Verification of understanding (which remains on record)
  • Possibility of re-reading by recipients (the document remains stored on the personal page)

To manage all the information necessary for new hires, we have developed a special service:  Onboarding Training

A new communication with contractors

But why limit yourself to your workers? An account can easily be opened to contract workers or contractors, to confirm that they have read and understood the DUVRI, information on specific risks or specific company regulations. And always archiving the evidence ... you never know.

Gamification and room for imagination

The apps, solutions and possibilities are limitless; there are solutions to create company treasure hunts, to ask questions according to the geographical position, to create competitions between workers ... we would be happy to combine your imagination with ours and look for unique, innovative, effective and fun solutions.

And some trees

We want to leave a liveable planet to our children; for this reason, in collaboration with Tree-Nation we plant a tree at least every ten participants in each of our courses, offsetting CO2 and providing food and work to the populations concerned. We will send you certificates of the trees planted for you! You can visit the Dexma Group forest or download the "Tree campaign" brochure

Obviously we can inform the workers of the initiative through the course itself, and you can share the initiative on your communication channels

At what cost?

As this is a highly personalized service, it is not possible to indicate fixed costs. To give an idea, the costs of planning and implementing a course usually range from zero to a few thousand euros; to these must be added the costs of the single account (ie the cost per single worker) ranging from 5 to 30 euros per person.


However, we reiterate that the figures indicated above are indicative, and that we will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote without obligation.

Download our on line training services' brochures

Onboarding Training
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