Dexma Group - Deus Ex Machina

In Greek tragedy, in order to best resolve an intricate and seemingly hopeless situation, external intervention was used:

the entrance on the scene of an actor impersonating a divinity, who descended from above onto the stage through a rudimentary wooden crane moved by ropes and winches, and called mechanè.

The Deus ex machina precisely, the God lowered from the machine.

Far be it from us to compare ourselves to the Divine, but deep down even in the Greek theater it was an actor ... and not a God.

We believe that the complexity of the context in which companies and entrepreneurs operate is such as to require qualified and excellent external partners, able to concretely contribute to the life and growth of companies, and to the serenity of entrepreneurs.

Our story

Dexma Group is a consulting firm that offers companies excellent and cutting-edge services.


We started with Occupational Safety and Food Hygiene for small Tuscan businesses, and then expanded the services according to the requests and needs of companies.


An incessant word of mouth among satisfied and loyal customers has led us in ten years to operate throughout Italy, in Belgium, Bulgaria, Tanzania, Holland, UK and Switzerland to become trusted consultants for multinationals and leading brands in Italy and abroad.

Our mission

Taking full responsibility for the consultancy and organizational aspects in outsourcing necessary for companies of all types and sizes, ensuring protection and solidity to our customers and at the same time leaving them free to deal with the core business, increasing their competitiveness.


Provide avant-garde consulting services in effectiveness and simplicity, by listening to the needs of the Client and reworking the trends learned in our international experiences for the Italian context